Hello residents! Here at The Verge, we strive to give you an amazing experience that you would recommend to anyone. We know you have enough going on in your life and your living experience doesn’t need to be complicated! We’re here to make your experience simple and easy from the day you sign your lease to the day you move out.

Here’s our May newsletter to keep you up to date on all you need to know on being a Verge resident, including reminders about rent and renewals, as well as information about our exciting summer-themed events catered just for you. Check it out and feel free to contact the leasing office if you have any questions. Additionally, The Verge sends you best wishes this finals season!

Special Highlight

Electronic Keys: When using your electronic keys, you must wait for the lock to blink green before turning your key.

  • Front door key replacement: $50
  • Bedroom key replacement: $5
  • Mail key replacement: $5

Lockouts: Any after-hours lockouts are charged $25.

Parking: Our residents are our number one priority, so we want to do all we can to make sure you are able to find a parking spot. Please follow these guidelines to avoid being towed:

  • Park in between two white lines, NOT on a curb, in a fire lane, or anywhere with a yellow line.
  • Do not park in a carport you do not own.
  • Parking spots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pest Control: Pest control comes every Friday. Do not put in work orders regarding pests. All requests can be made through the leasing office up until Friday mornings.

Maintenance Tips

  • Always look in the garbage disposal before you turn it on; things fall or get washed into it.
  • Never pour grease or rice down any drain. Grease will congeal and clog the plumbing. When water is added, rice will expand and clog the drain.
  • You should run your dishwasher at least once or twice a month. There is water in the dishwasher hose and drain, and stagnant water gives off odors, which in turn attracts bugs.
  • When placing a work order for your blinds, note which room they are for so maintenance knows what size to bring.
  • Smoke detectors must be connected at all times.
  • Set your A/C to auto and cool, or auto and heat, to avoid the A/C running continuously.
  • Do not place anything with aluminum in your microwave.
  • Each appliance that uses water (sinks and toilets) has a shut-off valve. If a flood occurs, use the shut-off valve to stop the flow of water.
  • Do not overly pack your freezer; this prevents air flow and may cause the appliance to work harder.

Reminders & Updates


  • Rent is due on or before the 4th of the month. Paying online is easy and convenient! We also accept checks and money orders made out to The Verge.
  • Please check your online portal for any outstanding balances. No partial payments are allowed.
  • Please check your rent balance to verify pet fees and/or covered parking is correctly added (if applicable).

Important Items

  • If you renewed your lease and/or are transferring, rent is due on August 1. Check your 2018–2019 lease for your new rental rate, and be sure to edit recurring payments if necessary.
  • If you’re going home for the summer, please make sure the common areas are clean and space is available for any new move-ins.
  • Discuss common area charges with your roommate before moving out. A move-out guide will be provided shortly detailing possible charges. Be sure to follow all items to avoid being charged
  • Move-out is July 31 BEFORE NOON.
  • No visiting pets are allowed per the lease, and a fee will be assessed for any unapproved pets found.

May Your Summer Be the Best One Yet — Congratulations from Campus Advantage!

As another academic year comes to an end, your management team and everyone here at Campus Advantage would like to congratulate you on a job well done. Being a successful college student or young professional takes a lot of effort, and you deserve credit for all of your hard work!

Over the past year, we hope you’ve taken advantage of all the opportunities that we’ve provided for you to connect with your neighbors, learn new skills, stay on top of your academic game, set yourself up for career success, and open your eyes to new perspectives and adventures.

Some of you may be graduating this year, some may be headed to summer classes. Maybe your hours will be spent at a summer internship or enjoying the sun on a vacation. Wherever your summer months take you, we want you to stay connected with us so we can continue to support you on your way. Consider taking the following steps to ensure your continued success as a resident of Campus Advantage:

  • If you’re going to be gone for a significant part of the summer, make sure to prepay or schedule online payments so you don’t miss rent deadlines. Also, communicate your long-term absence with the management office so we can keep a pulse on who will be around this summer.
  • If you haven’t already done so, sign up for a free account with the Campus Advantage Career Success portal to get resume assistance, job alerts, and tons of other resources to help you get a job!
  • Got some free time? We’ll still be hosting some great events throughout the summer, so make sure to join us for some fun! Also, don’t forget to get out and enjoy our outdoor space and amenities that might have gone forgotten in the winter months.
  • If you’re looking for a quality job for the next academic year, stop by and talk to us in the management office about possible openings on our Community Assistant team!
  • Finally, if you’re still on the fence about signing a lease for next year — don’t wait any longer! Spaces are going fast, and we want to make sure you’re able to call this community home for another year. Stop by and see us in the management office today to renew your lease or get leasing information for a friend.

Cheers to the end of your semester, and good luck on any pending exams and projects you may have! Make sure to check out the calendar for events going on this month, and follow your community on social media to connect and fuel up for May.

Community Events

DIY Succulents — May 2 @ 2 p.m. — Come to the clubhouse to add some summer joy to your apartment with a DIY succulent planter!

Walking Taco Bar — May 4 @ 6:30 p.m. — Let’s TACO ’bout it! Join us to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at our walking taco bar in the clubhouse!

DIY Mother’s Day Wine Glass Decorating — May 8 @ 6:30 p.m. — It’s the thought that counts! Give your mom a personalized wine glass for Mother’s Day! Join us at the clubhouse.

Candy Bar — May 10 @ 6:30 p.m. — Join us to put an end to your sugar cravings! Grab a personalized candy bag filled with a variety of sweets!

Fortnite Tournament — May 10 @ 6:30 p.m. — Show off your skills at our Fortnite Tournament in the clubhouse. Play on a sugar rush by grabbing some candy off our candy bar!

Ice Cream and Popsicle Grab and Go — May 16 @ 2 p.m. — Swing by the office to cool off with some sweet treats!

Puppy Ice Cream Social — May 17 @ 5 p.m. — Join us at the office to cool down with your furry best friend and enjoy some ice cream for you and them!

Poolside BBQ and Volleyball Tournament — May 19 @ 2 p.m. — Come enjoy the summer weather with us at the pool for a barbecue and a volleyball tournament!

Sunset Salutation — May 20 @ 4 p.m. — Skip the gym and join us for a yoga session at the volleyball court!

Grilled Cheese Bar — May 25 @ 2 p.m. — What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? NACHO CHEESE! Join us at the clubhouse to choose from a menu of three delectable grilled cheeses!

Memorial Day BBQ — May 28 @ 1 p.m. — Come honor our veterans with us at our Memorial Day barbecue!