Hello residents! Here at The Verge, we strive to give you an amazing experience that you would recommend to anyone. We know you have enough going on in your life, and your living experience doesn’t need to be complicated. We’re here to make your experience simple and easy from the day you sign your lease to the day you move out.

Here’s our March newsletter to keep you up to date on all you need to know on being a Verge resident, including reminders about rent and renewals, as well as information about our exciting spring-themed events catered just for you. Check it out and feel free to contact the leasing office if you have any questions. Additionally, The Verge sends you best wishes this spring!

Special Highlight

Electronic Keys: When using your electronic keys, you must wait for the lock to blink green before turning your key.

  • Front door key replacement: $50
  • Bedroom key replacement: $5
  • Mail key replacement: $5

Pest Control: Pest control comes every Friday. Do not put in work orders regarding pests. All requests can be made through the leasing office up until Friday mornings.


  • Always look in the garbage disposal before you turn it on; things fall or get washed into it.
  • Never pour grease or rice down any drain. Grease will congeal and clog the plumbing. When water is added, rice will expand and clog the drain.
  • You should run your dishwasher at least once or twice a month. There is water in the dishwasher hose and drain, and stagnant water gives off odors, which in turn attracts bugs.
  • When placing a work order for your blinds, note which room they are for so maintenance knows what size to bring.
  • Smoke detectors must be connected at all times.
  • Set your A/C to auto and cool, or auto and heat, to avoid the A/C running continuously.
  • Do not place anything with aluminum in your microwave.
  • Each appliance that uses water (sinks and toilets) has a shut-off valve. If a flood occurs, use the shut-off valve to stop the flow of water.
  • Do not overly pack your freezer; this prevents air flow and may cause the appliance to work harder.

Reminders & Updates


  • Rent is due on or before the 4th of the month. Paying online is easy and convenient! We also accept checks and money orders made out to The Verge.
  • Please check your online portal for any outstanding balances. No partial payments are allowed.
  • Please check your rent balance to verify pet fees and/or covered parking is correctly added (if applicable).
  • If you were required to pay a deposit and added premiums (pet rent and/or covered parking) after moving in, your deposit requirement has changed to reflect the new rate. The difference needs to be paid with your March installment.

Important Items

  • The only pets allowed on the property are those previously approved by the office. No visiting pets are allowed per the lease, and a fee will be assessed for any unapproved pets found.
  • Any after-hours lockouts are $25.
  • The Verge is an active participant in Relay For Life. As part of our fundraising efforts, we host events that help fund lifesaving cancer research, patient support programs, detection and treatment programs, and more. If you’re interested in being part of our Relay team, you can join at


  • Avoid accidents! Our gates are one way in, one way out. If you are caught exiting or entering through the wrong gate, you will be fined!
  • The Future Resident parking spaces located in front of the leasing office are only accessible to residents/visitors AFTER office hours. If your car is found in our Future Resident parking spaces during office hours, your car will be towed.
  • Our residents are our number one priority, so we want to do all we can to make sure you are able to find a parking spot. Please follow these guidelines to avoid being towed:
    • Park in between two white lines, NOT on a curb, in a fire lane, or anywhere with a yellow line.
    • Do not park in a carport you do not own.
  • We have carport availability! If you’re interested in adding a reserved covered parking space to your lease, email [email protected]:
    • We have availability by the buildings 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 13, 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, and 21.
    • These spots will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Soft Skills Make a Difference

A positive attitude and the ability to look someone in the eye while giving a firm handshake can truly set two very similar candidates apart in the job process. In this day and age of hiring and recruiting, we’ve been hearing a lot about soft skills, or people skills, when describing a candidate’s interviewing and hiring process. These are the skills that basically allow you to get along and interact with others in a work and social environment. Your ability to evaluate and hone your people skills should be part of your job prep, just as you ensure your resume is clean and typo-free.

An employee should be able to communicate, listen, share ideas, and interact with people (sometimes difficult people) in a way that demonstrates professionalism at all times. During the interview process, while your resume is showing your credentials, you are inherently demonstrating your soft skills. It takes constructive thought to be the person you want to be in the workplace. It doesn’t just happen by chance — it happens via thoughtful awareness, informed actions, and respectful engagements.

The skills of success, such as being adaptable, being positive, having a willingness to assist, and conveying a strong work ethic, are arguably more important than any degree or credential.

For more success tips and resources from Campus Advantage, visit CareerSuccessPortal.com.

Community Events

Canvas Painting — March 5 @ 6:30 p.m. — Join us in the clubhouse to show off your artistic skills by creating a canvas painting!

Yogurt Parfait Bar — March 6 @ 10 a.m. — Treat yourself with a fruit and granola parfait at the clubhouse!

Pool Tournament — March 10 @ 1 p.m. — Grab a partner and come compete at our Verge Pool Tournament at the clubhouse!

Pi Day — March 14 @ 3 p.m. — How far can you recite pi? Cherry. Blueberry. Apple. Pecan. Stop by the clubhouse to grab a slice of pie in celebration of Pi Day!

March Madness Watch Party — March 15 @ 6 p.m. — Watching the game alone is no fun. Join us at the clubhouse to watch the start of March Madness!

Pie an Employee — March 16 @ 4 p.m. — Ever wanted to pie us in the face? Now’s your chance! Come out to the clubhouse to pie a Verge employee of your choice in the face for only $2, or $5 for a manager!

Spaghetti Dinner — March 19 @ 6:30 p.m. — No time to cook? No problem! Join us for a spaghetti dinner! For only $3, you’ll get a full dinner at our clubhouse! Proceeds go toward our Relay For Life fundraising efforts!

DIY Spring Succulent Planters — March 20 @ 1 p.m. — Join us in the clubhouse to add some spring joy to your apartment with a DIY succulent planter!

Headshots and Picture Frames — March 21 @ 4 p.m. — Get ready for future interviews with a complimentary business headshot and your own DIY picture frame at the clubhouse!

Cooking Under the Stars — March 28 @ 6 p.m. — Come out to the pool to learn how to spice up ramen! Avoid breaking the bank by turning standard ramen into a more upscale meal!

Movie Night — March 30 @ 6:30 p.m. — Come by the clubhouse to enjoy a movie night!